About Rafaela Donata

Rafaela Donata: Vintage designer jewellery.

You love contemporary silver jewellery? When you think of Italy you think longingly of La Dolce Vita and vibrant fashion metropolises? Then take a look at the jewellery brand Rafaela Donata and enjoy the feeling of Milan-chic on your skin! Fashion conscious women around the world have succumbed to the sophisticated charm of these breathtaking pieces of jewellery, which were inspired by the most modern trends of Italian fashion shows.

Whether as a fine bracelet, as precious earrings, as a fine necklace or fashionable ring – the possibilities of the silver creations are endless; and all this with at unbeatable value for money. The cool sparkling precious metal does not only harmonise with pearls and glittering stones, but is also the dream partner for modern material-mix creations with leather and colourful crystals.

The Rafaela Donata collections work exclusively with 925 sterling silver – either rhodium-plated for a sparkling white gold look, yellow gold-plated for fans of the classic gold tone, or as a precious rose gold alloy. Each is a masterpiece of Italian goldwork, and the love of designer Rafaela Donata for her hometown of Milan characterises the distinctive style of these wonderful collections.

The jewellery lines of the Rafaela Donata label are as multifaceted as Italian culture itself:

If you like classical silver jewellery, you will surely be impressed by Rafaela Donata Classic. Rhodium-plated or gold-plated silver combines with glittering zirconia, subtle shell pearls and enamel elements to form enchanting feminine jewellery.

You simply can’t resist sparkling jewellery? Then give in to Rafaela Donata Diamonds. The little works of art made from rhodium-plated silver and real diamonds set any woman’s heart racing.

Fans of extravagant costume jewellery will find what they are looking for with Rafaela Donata Fashion. Refined brass and stainless steel are combined with sparkling zirconia and original SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals to make a fascinating mix of materials.

Indulge your passion for collecting with Rafael Donata Charms and discover new jewellery every day! The individual pendants made from sterling silver, zirconia and enamel elements make the perfect present for that special someone.

Like all Italians, Rafaela Donata loves children: The Rafaela Donata Kids collection offers a colourful bouquet of popular children’s motifs made from sterling silver, sparkling zirconia and colourful enamel. Enchanting children’s jewellery which will bring a twinkle to any child’s eye!

Rafaela Donata Leather bracelets are casual and distinctive. Made from real leather, available in a variety of colours, and combines with robust stainless steel and glass crystals, they are genuine eye catchers on the wrist.

Irrespective of the variety of the collections, our jewellery label remains faithful to its motto: Rafaela Donata stands for affordable designer jewellery with bewitching Italian Flair.